A humorous look at Amsterdam through the eyes of an expat street performer from New York City who’s been singing and dancing through the streets and alleyways of Amsterdam for years, studying the quirky idiocyncratic Dutch and how they deal with the constant flow of tourists that pass through the city. Sometimes musical, sometimes interviews, but always interesting, he and his cast of crazies take you on a journey into the funny side of the magical laughing city of Amsterdam…….One of the last civilized places on the planet.

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About Terry Mann

musician, entertainer, singer, songwriter, scriptwriter, live performer


Terryman is a musician, singer, songwriter, who has been in many scenes and many different styles of music. He is a fabulous live performer. Woman love his voice, men his guitarplaying.

His career started in New York City, he was hired by John Lennon, David Peel, Debbie Harry, The Waterboys, Leslie West, to name a few, he’s been on the road with The Grateful Dead, P-Funk, Richie Blackmore and Nazareth.

As a staff member of the infamous Fillmore East, he saw performances by, and hung out with Janis Joplin to Jimi Hendrix, Roland Kirk to Miles Davis, Mountain to Moby Grape and The Grateful Dead.

He recorded a single which ended up on the indie charts with great reviews. But when he did a follow up single, a song about a guy who shot some muggers on the subway. The record company said it was not politically correct so they did not want to release it.

Being fed up with agents and recordcompanies who limited his musical expression, he came to Europe and travelled in his VW van from city to city and from country to country to play on the townsquares. Free to develop his music and songwriting he became a streetlegend people still talk about.

Festivals and clubs wanted him and when the streets became overpopulated with musicians Terryman left the streets to play once again on a stage.

All these experiences made Terryman into an allround musician with a unique performance.



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